We like the synergy effect. Not because it sounds cool but because it works. When all of your outreach efforts are unconnected stand alone efforts, they are operating without the benefit of synergy; they don’t work together. But when you have a cohesive strategy, each piece acts on and strengthens the other so that the sum is truly greater than the parts. And that translates into success for you and your business.

Companies all over the world are beginning to see the plus-side of integrating their marketing efforts. The ones that are rising above the tide have found a way to weave together their website content, promotional emails and  graphic design pieces so that they form a unified look and feel but also work off of each other to create a powerful digital marketing force. Their social media, blogging, SEO and PPC all interconnect and fortify one another.  They are happy to report that they ended up enjoying lower licensing fees and a much easier-to-use system once they stopped trying to fit together a bunch of stand-alone tools.

And they are able to concentrate on their business. Do you ever wonder how some companies seem to have endless promotional energy? –their blogs are up to date, their promotions are relevant, their content is lively. Others have posts from 2011 and are offering last years’ Christmas discounts.  Why are some businesses so obviously out to lunch? Because marketing requires time, ongoing attention, and expertise that most business owners can’t afford to spend on a consistent basis.  Many business owners lose interest and momentum in their not because they don’t care but because they are too busy running their business. What started out as a shiny, new marketing plan lost its sheen– and there’s no place that is more obvious than on your website or social media platforms where everyone can see it.

So we want to help you succeed. We get to know you. We learn what your goals are. Then we create a seamlessly connected plan that out-performs your competitors’.  And we don’t lose sight of those goals as we go along.