AT&T Intranet Site

Client: At&T Client’s Field & Description: Healthcare: RAMP Healthcare Intranet Site Service Provided: Intranet Site Outcome: Internal Brand Awareness

Britt Ideas Website

Client: Britt Ideas Client’s Field & Description: Marketing Strategy: Marketing strategy company Service Provided: Website Outcome: Brand Recognition. Expanded business can client list

Metanoya Cafe Website

Client: Metanoya Cafe Client’s Field & Description: Restaurant: local restaurant offering a range of food Service Provided: Website Outcome: Increased patronage allowing Metanoya Cafe to expand in physical space as well as open a catering service.

HellaHandle Website

Client: HellaHandle Client’s Field & Description: Sports Equipment: HellaHandle Developed an attachable handle specifically designed to work with snowboards. This handle attached to the board and allowed the rider to carry it with ease. Service Provided: Website Outcome: HellaHandle was sold in small ski locations nationally.

Equitax Website

Client: Equitax Client’s Field & Description: Property Tax: Tax assessment product developed for high end clients Service Provided: Website Outcome: Brand Recognition and increase in product usage of 50%.

CareHarbor Website

Client: CareHarbor Client’s Field & Description: Healthcare: Free Healthcare Event in LA Service Provided: Website Outcome: Increase Awareness. Increase in Demand.

Family Match Web Ad

Client: Family Match/Adoption Share Client’s Field & Description: Child Services: Adoption Company Service Provided: Print Collateral Outcome: Increase Awareness. Adoption Increase

MWC Tours Email

Client: MWC Tours Client’s Field & Description: Cellphone : International Cellphone Tradeshow Service Provided: Email Outcome: Tour Increase

Multiples of America Website

Client: Multiples of America Client’s Field & Description: Child Services : Organization to help those who have multiples (twins, triplets etc) Service Provided: Website Outcome: Membership Increase

ReBoot Web Ad

Client: You Can ReBoot LLC Client’s Field & Description: Health and Fitness: Fitness start-up Service Provided: Web Ad Outcome: Brand Recognition